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Four Crew Members Suffer Maritime Injuries when Cargo Ship Overturns

Four crew members onboard the cargo ship Golden Ray suffered maritime injuries when the ship overturned in the early hours of September 8, 2019.  Photos of the rescue suggest that the four crew members suffered injuries, as rescuers lifted the crew members from the ship strapped onto gurneys. The nature and extent of the injuries […]

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Royal Caribbean Crew Member Dies from Maritime Injury

A 26-year-old Royal Caribbean crew member has died after a maritime injury he suffered while working on the cruise ship Vision of the Seas.   The crew member was performing maintenance work when he fell off the side of the ship.  Divers subsequently located and recovered his body.  This crew member marks the 349th person to […]

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An 1851 Maritime Law for a 2019 Boat Fire Case?

Thirty-four people are dead after a fire on a scuba dive boat off the coast of California.  Media reports say that wrongful death lawsuits are almost certain given the circumstances.  However, the owners of the boat are seeking to avoid liability by invoking a 19th century maritime law that shields vessel owners from liability.  The […]

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Personal Protective Equipment May be the Best Way to Promote Marine Safety

The global economy lives and dies with the health of the shipping industry.  Despite its global importance, workers in the shipping industry face marine safety hazards that make their workplace one of the most dangerous in the world.  Maritime job injuries can happen in almost any occupation in the industry.  Could appropriate use of personal […]

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