maritime injury

After Five Year Legal Battle, Carnival Must Pay Crewman Who Suffered Maritime Injury

After a five year legal battle, an injured Carnival Cruise Line employee may finally be compensated for his injuries.  This story is a shocking example of how ineffective maritime injury arbitration clauses can be for injured workers.  It also raises concern about cruise ship injuries and how employees and passengers can find relief. Cruise Line […]

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cruise ship injury or illness

How Should Passengers Prepare for a Cruise Ship Injury or Illness at Sea?

Every year, around 17 million people board cruise ships with the promise of adventure.  Unfortunately, many of these travelers will find out that there are risks in taking a cruise.  Cruise ship injury or illness is the most striking risk.  Cruise ship incidents happen far more often than those related to equipment, mechanics or weather. […]

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maritime injury, slip and fall, nimitz

Sailor Suffers Fatal Maritime Injury Onboard U.S.S. Nimitz

The U.S. Navy is mourning the loss of a junior-ranking sailor who suffered a fatal maritime injury after falling while boarding the U.S.S. Nimitz.  The ship was in port at the Naval Air Station North Island near San Diego when the accident happened. The sailor reportedly fell several stories from an aircraft elevator to the […]

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