cruise ship health protocols

Royal Caribbean Unveils New Cruise Ship Health Protocols

Royal Caribbean Group has announced new cruise ship health protocols that the company will implement on all cruise ships.  Royal Caribbean has submitted their plan to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for final approval.  The company hopes that the new health protocols will allow cruises to start sailing again. Healthy Sail Panel […]

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maritime injuries

Frequently Asked Questions about Maritime Injuries

If you are battling maritime injuries or illness that occurred while you were on the job, you may have many questions and concerns about what to do next.  Do I qualify for benefits? How do I support my family while I recover? What if I was intentionally harmed? Do I need a lawyer in order […]

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maritime workers

Typhoon Causes Livestock Ship to Sink, 42 Maritime Workers Missing

The maritime industry is reeling after a livestock ship sank off the coast of Japan last week.  The ship was carrying around 6,000 head of cattle.  All of the cattle and 42 maritime workers are still missing in the storm-tossed waters. Just days earlier, Typhoon Maysak hit the area causing rough seas and intense weather […]

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ladder incident, harbor pilot

Another Sandy Hook Pilot Killed in Ladder Incident

For the second time this year, a Sandy Hook marine pilot has lost his life while attempting to climb from the pilot vessel to the ship.  In January, Maritime Injury Guide reported on the death of a Sandy Hook harbor pilot who fell as he climbed the ladder from the pilot vessel to a cargo […]

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