White House Releases Plan to Help Safety at Sea

Last week, the White House released a plan that they hope will help seamen while at sea, including their safety, security, and how to counter-fight piracy.

The action plan, entitled United States Counter Piracy and Maritime Security Action Plan, was released on June 20, and implements two other plans, including the Policy for the Repression of Piracy and other Criminal Acts of Violence at Sea and the National Strategy for Maritime Security. By implementing both plans, the U.S. hopes to not only continue current security and safety plans, but to strengthen the laws that are already in place. According to the new action place, the United States plans to:

  • Confirm their interest in global maritime security, including piracy, sea robbery, and other crime-related offenses at sea
  • Provide the needed guidance in order to create and carry out objectives that help protect maritime workers while at sea
  • Overrule the Countering Piracy off the Horn of Africa: Partnership and Action Plan

In an attempt to reduce crimes at sea, the U.S. has created several important courses of action, including:

  • Interrupting and terminating piracy acts performed against U.S. vessels and the people aboard
  • Holding those who commit crimes at sea accountable for their actions
  • Preserving the freedom of sea as recognized by international laws’ use of the sea
  • Dutifully protect ocean transportation and commerce
  • Strengthen national law in order to implement the aforementioned courses of action

According to the new plan, there has been several instances of piracy and other crimes since the early 1990s, specifically Somali invasions. For instance, after the downfall of the Somali government in the 1990s, pirates from Somali began to attack vessels and hold crew members hostage as a means of private financial gain. Just one attack has the capacity to hinder the production of numerous countries and their interests, including the United States. For example, pirates have been notorious for attacking vessels located at the Gulf of Aden. The Gulf of Aden is one of the important waterways in the world in the world, and the disruption of activities can lead to higher insurance for cargo costs, environmental damage, and the risk of several seamen being severely injured or worse, killed.

As a result, the United States plans to target the Gulf in Aden as well as many other bodies of water to help stop the illegal activity from continuing and to help protect seamen from maritime injuries.

For more information, refer to the United States’ newly-released, official United States Counter Piracy and Maritime Security Action Plan. 

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