San Diego Maritime Lawyer

Situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, San Diego is one of the largest cities in California with a major presence in the maritime industry. The Port of San Diego maintains two marine cargo facilities spread out over a combined 221 acres. From cargo shipping, commercial fishing, and more, the Port of San Diego employs a myriad of seamen who work diligently in their respective careers. As with all large maritime ports, however, there are quite a few injuries and accidents at the Port of San Diego, many of which are caused by employer negligence.

The Port of San Diego and Maritime Accidents

With a 300,000 square foot goods storage warehouse and a seven-berth facility, seaman at the Port of San Diego are constantly working, and unfortunately face risks while simply doing their jobs. Although some accidents happen even with the most safest measures, many others could have been eliminated with the proper training and equipment.  In San Diego, the most common maritime accidents include:

  • Commercial Fishing Accidents: From tuna boats, purse seiners, trawlers, and more, commercial fishing accidents aboard vessels is one of the leading causes of injuries in San Diego. A common cause of commercial fishing accidents is unseaworthy vessels.
  • Crane Accidents: The Port of San Diego several types of cranes, including offshore, cargo, and oil rig cranes. With heavy goods being lifted, a defective part or insufficient training can lead to serious injuries.
  • Slip and Falls Aboard Vessels: Failure to provide non-skid surfaces, defective stairwells, broken machinery, and lack of guardrails are among a few of the reasons that slip and fall accidents in San Diego have been so abundant.
  • Cargo Accidents: Cargo hauling and handling is a major part of the Port of San Diego and its economy. Yet according to investigations, numerous cargo accidents in San Diego stem directly from unsafe machinery and equipment, lack of safety training, and improper cargo storage.

If You’ve Been Injured

If you’re a San Diego seaman whose been injured while on the job, make sure you report the accident immediately to your employer and seek medical treatment. Even if you feel your injuries are minor, it’s important to establish proof in the event that the injury becomes worse and/or if your employer or insurance adjuster tries to dispute your claim.

In addition, it’s important to never sign any paperwork that reduces the significance of your accident. Many employers and insurance companies will attempt to downplay your accident in order to reduce and even eliminate the benefits and compensation you may be entitled to. If you have any questions, it’s recommended to retain an experienced San Diego maritime attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

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