Overserving Alcohol on Cruises: What are the limitations?

With the popularity of cruises on the rise, many people embark to new destinations while enjoying the amenities and activities onboard, and indulging in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. As fun as that may sound, the practice of serving alcohol on cruises has become a growing concern as it may lead to injury events when […]

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What Happens When a Passenger Dies on a Cruise Ship?

Cruise ship vacations are meant to be a time for fun and relaxation, however, they can sometimes be met with a medley of worst-case scenarios. As with most things, age can often play a role. A 2018 Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) report found that 50% of cruise ship passengers were over the age of […]

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maritime worker

Understanding Maintenance and Cure Benefits for Maritime Workers

As a maritime worker, you are entitled to various benefits under the law. These benefits include Maintenance and Cure, a legal principle that recognizes the unique risks and hazards of maritime work and provides compensation for injured seamen and maritime workers. In this blog, we will discuss more what the benefits of Maintenance and Cure […]

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When People Go Missing on Cruise Ships

Approximately 400 people have gone missing from cruise ships in the past 20 years. While this is no cause for general alarm, given that approximately 30 million people take cruise ship vacations each year, it is still a dangerous and concerning statistic. There are several potential reasons people disappear on cruise ships. One common reason […]

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Cruise Ship Statistics

Cruise ship holidays are very popular across the world, particularly in the United States. Every year, the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) releases an annual State of the Cruise Industry Outlook. Cruise Ship Passenger Statistics According to the CLIA, cruise holidays peaked in popularity in 2019, with 29.7 million cruise ship passengers worldwide. In comparison, […]

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coronavirus and cruise ships

Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus and Cruise Ships

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ordered all cruise travel suspended in March 2020.  Unfortunately, that No Sail Order was already too late.  Numerous cruise ships suffered outbreaks of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.  The result has been disastrous for passengers and crew.  At Maritime Injury Guide, our coronavirus cruise ship lawyer has received numerous questions about […]

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boat crash

Boat Crash Outside San Diego Kills 4, Injures Dozens

A tragic boat crash off the coast of San Diego, California has killed at least four people and dozens more are injured. While enroute to San Diego, the 40-foot cabin cruiser struck a reef and broke apart sending dozens of people into the water. Officials believe the boat was being used to smuggle immigrants into […]

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oil tanker explosion

Three Crew Members Missing after Oil Tanker Explosion

Three crew members are missing after an oil tanker explosion in the Sea of Azov.  Officials continue to investigate what caused this maritime accident as rescue crews search for the missing crew members.  Here is what we know so far. Russian Oil Tanker Explosion Under Investigation According to ABC News, the oil tanker explosion occurred […]

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maritime accidents, ship breaking

Maritime Accidents and Injuries Common Among Ship Breakers

A new report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) shows that maritime accidents and injuries are incredibly common among ship breakers.  In fact, traumatic maritime injuries and deaths have become a way of life for ship breakers in certain parts of the world. Sadly, occupational research is incredibly limited.  Research studies […]

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maritime injury

5 Steps to Take after a Maritime Injury

If you work in the maritime industry, you likely know about the hazards that come with this working environment.  But do you know what to do if you suffer a maritime injury? Sadly, many maritime workers do not know what steps to take after maritime injuries occur.  This can result in their losing out on […]

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