slip trip and fall, maritime injury

Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards Most Common Cause of Maritime Injuries

The maritime industry requires workers to perform tasks in dynamic environments.  Workers in shipyards, on vessels or near docks face unique hazards that can cause serious injuries or death if accidents occur.  That is why it is so important to recognize maritime injury risks and take measures to prevent accidents. One of the most common […]

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wrongful death lawsuit, maritime law

Families File Wrongful Death Lawsuit after Louisiana Barge Collision

Two families have filed a wrongful death lawsuit after each lost a loved one in a barge collision in January 2020.  Shawn Pucheu and Matthew Brigalia were onboard the RC Creppel barge when it collided with another barge in January 2020.  After the collision, the RC Creppel sank in the Mississippi River in St. Charles […]

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cruise ship passengers, gastrointestinal illness

Gastrointestinal Illness Affecting Hundreds of Cruise Ship Passengers

Traveling on a cruise ship is a great adventure that millions of people embark on each year.  Food, drink, entertainment and mingling with friends old and new – these are all reasons why cruises are popular.  Unfortunately, these very amenities contribute to the risk of illness on cruise ships.  Gastrointestinal illness is one of the […]

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maritime injuries, maritime accident

What are the Most Common Causes of Maritime Injuries?

Working in the maritime industry can be incredibly rewarding.  Many people find this industry to be lucrative and full of adventure.  Unfortunately, it is an industry that is not without risk.  Maritime injuries happen more frequently than injuries in most other industries.  In today’s post, we take a look at some of the most common […]

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fishing boat, maritime injury

Two Fishermen Rescued, Five Others Feared Dead after Fishing Boat Sinking

Two fishermen were rescued and five others are feared dead after a fishing boat sank in the Gulf of Alaska.  At Maritime Injury Guide, we know that fishing and crab boat injuries are part of this dangerous industry.  Our hearts go out to the families of the fishermen injured and killed in this tragic fishing […]

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maritime injury

Veteran Harbor Pilot Suffers Fatal Maritime Injury While Boarding Cargo Ship

A veteran harbor pilot has suffered a fatal maritime injury while attempting to board a cargo ship.  The pilot’s death made headlines in the Northeastern United States due to his more than 35 years of service in New York and New Jersey harbors. Harbor Pilot Suffers Fatal Maritime Injury According to the U.S. Coast Guard, […]

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capsize incident, wrongful death

Family Prepares Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Capsize Incident off Huntington Beach

One year after a fatal offshore injury off Huntington Beach, the victim’s family is prepared to file a wrongful death lawsuit against an offshore aquaculture facility.  The Poynter family has sent a letter to the facility and is allowing them time to respond before formally filing the wrongful death lawsuit. Capsize Incident off Huntington Beach […]

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cruise ship collision, cruise ship injuries

Six Passengers Injured in Carnival Cruise Ship Collision

Six passengers are recovering from injuries they sustained when one Carnival cruise ship collided with the other.  While cruise ship collisions are relatively uncommon, this accident highlights that collisions can happen and can cause cruise ship injuries.  Here is what we know so far about this cruise ship collision. Carnival Cruise Ships Collide in Cozumel, […]

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maritime injuries, Jones Act, accident at sea

Research Highlights Need for Better Reporting of Maritime Injuries

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), the American Club and Lamar University recently concluded a comprehensive study on shipboard maritime injuries.  The study offers “unprecedented insight” into accidents that happen at sea.  The results of the study highlight the need for better reporting of maritime injury incidents and close calls. Comprehensive Study on Shipboard Maritime […]

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