maritime workers

Maritime Workers Continue to Struggle Amid COVID-19

The maritime industry is huge.  There are more than one million maritime workers working on 60,000 ships across the world.  These ships transport 80 percent of the world’s trade goods.  These goods include everything from cell phones to frozen meat, chemicals to automobiles. Sadly, many maritime workers are struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  Workers in […]

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burn injuries

Burn Injuries from Volcano Eruption Lead to Lawsuit

Royal Caribbean and an excursion company are being sued by a Virginia couple who suffered extensive burn injuries during a volcano eruption in New Zealand.  According to the lawsuit, the couple was visiting White Island in New Zealand in 2019 as part of their honeymoon. The couple was with 45 other people who disembarked Royal […]

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commercial fishing accident

Commercial Fishing Accident Kills Beloved Restaurant Owners

A commercial fishing accident in June 2020 claimed the lives of beloved restaurant owners in the area.  According to reports, the U.S. Coast Guard received a distress call from the fishing boat F/V Aquarius in the early morning hours of June 29.  The call stated that all members of the crabbing vessel were abandoning ship.  […]

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ship safety procedures

Fatal Elevator Accident Highlights Importance of Ship Safety Procedures

A fatal elevator accident on board a container ship highlights the importance of using proper ship safety procedures on vessels.  According to the Australian Transportation Safety Bureau (ATSB), a crew member was killed after being trapped between the elevator cage and a bulkhead.  It appears that proper safety procedures were not followed prior to this […]

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wrongful death lawsuit

Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Royal Caribbean after Son’s Death

The family of a man who worked for Royal Caribbean has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the cruise industry giant.  In the lawsuit, the man’s parents claim that Royal Caribbean failed to test him for COVID-19 in a timely manner and failed to get him adequate medical attention.  Maritime Injury Guide’s coronavirus cruise ship […]

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coronavirus lawsuits

Class Action Coronavirus Lawsuits May be Challenged by Ticket Language

Plaintiffs are asking for class action status for 98 lawsuits filed against Costa Cruise Lines, Inc.  The coronavirus lawsuits relate to how Costa handled the novel coronavirus COVID-19 while sailing.  In March 2020, two cruise ship passengers, Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez, on board the Costa Luminosa tested positive for coronavirus.  They report “frantically” asking the […]

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communicable diseases, commercial fishermen, maritime illness

Communicable Diseases a Hazard for Commercial Fishermen

Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States.  According to research, around 50 percent of maritime accidents occur in the commercial fishing industry.  These accidents and resulting maritime injuries occur for a number of reasons.  Bad weather, malfunctioning fishing equipment, inadequate training and mechanical failure are the most commonly cited.  […]

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cruise ship

Cruise Ship Crew Members Raise Questions about Whether Cruise Lines Put Crew at Risk for Coronavirus

Cruise ship crew members are raising questions about whether their cruise line employers put them at risk for coronavirus COVID-19.  Several media outlets have reported that employees on cruise ships feel they have been unnecessarily put at risk.  Most recently, a crew member onboard the Celebrity Infinity ship has come forward with eyebrow-raising reports about […]

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cruise ships and coronavirus

What You Need to Know about Cruise Ships and Coronavirus

As the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, continues to sweep across the United States, one of the hardest hit industries is the travel industry.  Specifically, the cruise industry.  Cruise ships and coronavirus continue to be a hot topic as travelers continue to sail and cruise ships continue to be quarantined. In early March 2020, the U.S. State […]

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cruise ship illness, norovirus

Caribbean Princess Cruise Ship Docks Early Again due to Cruise Ship Illness Outbreak

Princess Cruises ship Caribbean Princess has returned to port early after at least 245 people developed Norovirus.  The ship was on a 14-day excursion when at least 228 passengers developed the gastrointestinal illness.  More than a dozen crew members also report being ill.  Cruise ship illness outbreaks like this are more than uncomfortable for passengers […]

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